Today I woke up thinking about relationships, especially those that are not easy.

There are relationships that last a lifetime, there are others that just end leaving their trace, and then there are those that you need to run away.

I have noticed that I have one of those intermediate relationships that do not hurt but slowly wear you out.

Sometimes we are very stubborn, I am, I admit it.

We met more than three years ago, was and is the most beautiful. It is pure magic and love.

I can no longer say that it is a passing love, it has been too long.

I really like it, it gets me, even if I know that it’s going to drive me crazy. But I can not say no, I want to continue until I can not do it anymore.

Is attractive, it is obvious, and knows how much can offer and that is why sells her face.

Maybe there was a time when I idealized it, but not now. I can recognize its defects and I know I can not change them. Even though I still like it. There is always some masochism in these relationships.

I know that I will end by abandoning it, as I had to do with other relationships, because in the end, what matters, is to be happy, and I know that there will come a moment when I won’t find myself happy. I know it.

But not today, today I still want to taste every part of you and continue to love you a little more.

Someday I will also leave a bit of my heart here as so many others did, just like Tony Bennett.


To my dear city of San Francisco.



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  1. susana

    Como me emociona cada palabra dedicada a esa ciudad preciosa en la que vives!
    Eres estupenda hija. Vive intensamente y disfruta de ella, tu que puedes, es un momento de tu vida que recordaras siempre. Te quiero mucho.


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