More than 100 years ago surf came to California from Hawaii. Since then, many things have changed: surfboards, surfers, and industry in general, but there is something that has not changed at all, and those are the best places to surf.

There are hundreds of places to surf in California. We have chosen these 12 as highly recommended (ordered from north to south).

Let’s surf!

Black Sands Beach

This black sand beach, mostly west-facing, has reefs on the open sea and is located north of the town of Shelter Cove. Black Sand Beach is a very particular beach, ideal for relaxing and surfing.

Doran Beach

Protected beach located in the south of Bodega Bay. If the weather is nice, the weekend can attract a lot of people. Fortunately, very few come to surf. This place is protected from the northwest wind, which is perfect for surfing. The best seasons are spring and summer due to the northwest swell.

Stinson Beach

Near Point Reyes National Seashore lies Stinson Beach, a crescent shaped white sand beach. A mandatory destination for any surfer. It also attracts swimmers and volleyball players. This modest stretch of just 3 and a half miles is oriented to the southwest and the best times to surf are spring and fall.

Fort Point

In the heart of San Francisco, this place is only recommended for experts. An iconic point for surfing under the shadow of the giant Golden Gate Bridge. It looks like a postcard. The best times to surf are spring and autumn.

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay

This legendary point is also located in Northern California. Its waters are usually very cold but, despite of it, its maximum popularity is reached in winter due to the giant waves. Surfers from all over the world come to test their limits. Warning: Maverick is not a beginner’s beach.

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

The cradle of surfing in California. Jack O’Neill used to surf here, and here was where he invented the wetsuit. Its waters are cold and on weekends can be crowded, but on days of great waves the crowd is reduced, and only the bravest are in the water. If you choose not to bathe, you can climb the cliffs above and enjoy the views.

Rincon, Santa Barbara

This beach is located on Highway 101 on the limit between Ventura and Santa Barbara County, in central California. Throughout the years Rincon has been the birthplace of famous surfers like Tom Curren and Bobby Martinez.


Maybe one of California’s most popular beaches worldwide, the passion for surfing in Los Angeles was born on this beach. In addition to its characteristic length, this is not a beach recommended for beginners. Not because of the difficulty of its waves but by the amount of surfers who plague its waves.


Huntington Beach

Called the United States Surf City. The world surfing championship is celebrated every year in this place, and it has a museum dedicated to this sport. This beach, approximately 7 miles long, is known for its excellent surfing conditions. The waves have a unique natural effect by the currents that arrive from the Island of Santa Catalina.



This Southern California gem is located on the outskirts of the town of San Clemente in San Mateo Creek. Here are great national and international sport events. No wonder watching a lot of people surfing on a Monday morning.

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point

This coastal area is 4 miles in the south of Orange County, and locals consider it one of their favorite surfing spots. It also has a grass area to sit or play overlooking the beach. Highly recommended sunset from the highest area.

Cardiff Reef, San Diego

One of the most popular places to surf in San Diego since the 40s. The layout of the rocks in this area makes the waves simply spectacular. This beach is ideal for all levels surfers.

Blacks Beach

Just below the cliffs of Torrey Pines you will be able to find this back sand beach with a difficult access, which is why there is not many people. It is so far away, that you can only hear the sound of the waves. Nudist beach and strong waves.

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