A Christmas classic! When I found out that the McCallister house actually existed and that the movie was shot just 20km away from Chicago, I could not help but think of visiting it one day.

Last November, taking advantage of our trip to Chicago, we rented a car and headed to Winnetka.

The town is small and the first thing we saw was the train tracks where Kevin McCallister walked back home after stealing a toothbrush.

For the fans of the film who have the opportunity to travel to Chicago, I recommend getting closer to here.

home alone, solo en casa

671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka

This Georgian colonial house was sold for 1.58 million dollars in 2012 and has an area of ​​395 square meters. (2450 square feet) Would you like to see some images of the current interiors?

Image: Coldwell Banker

As you can see, the decoration for the film was specifically inspired in the Christmas time (besides being in the late 80s style), while at present it has nothing to do with it.

Despite the great resemblance between the real rooms and those of the movies, only some of the interior scenes were filmed inside the house. The director Christopher Columbus explained that the recreation of some of the interiors was done in a school gym, which made it easier for them to perform all those crazy stunts without, you know, setting the house on fire or anything.

We took advantage of the visit to Winnetka to visit other filming locations.

We started with the house of the elderly neighbor who helps Kevin escape the bad guys, located at 681 Lincoln Avenue.

When Kevin sled down the stairs of his house you can notice the house of the neighbors in front, today it looks exactly the same as 27 years ago.

Another house that appears in the film is the Murphy’s, who are also on vacation and are robbed by the wet thieves (and flood the house).

The grocery store where Kevin steals a toothbrush is now a Japanese restaurant.

Image: 20th Century Fox

The ice skating rink in which Kevin’s chased by a policeman is now Hubbard Woods Park.

The church is the Trinity United Methodist Church at 1024 West Lake Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois.

However, the interiors were shot at Grace Episcopal Church, 924 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois.

Kevin visits Santa Claus

Image: 20th Century Fox

Image: 20th Century Fox

Finally, we want to remain you one of the most famous scenes, running along the international terminal of O’Hare while we can listen ‘Run run Rudolph’.


HAPPY 2018!

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