We are Susana and Juan, a couple who has fulfilled their dream of living in California.

If you’ve gone this far is because you really like California. So welcome to our blog! We live in the Golden State and we love discovering new places every week and looking for new ideas to share.

San Francisco is our base camp, and we are so glad to live in this wonderful city that has so much to offer… Because San Francisco is not only the Golden Gate Bridge.

From here we will share our stories in the first person anecdotes of everyday life, and curiosities that you can not miss if you’re thinking of coming or just love the country.

California is more than beach and surf: it’s nature, history, architecture and traditions. We are sure you will love discovering all its facets and feel a Californian more.


Juan is from Pamplona and has a Master degree in Law and Business Administration from the University of Navarra. Among his hobbies are traveling, photography and basketball.

Susana Madrid is licensed in Business Administration and Marketing from the University Carlos III and Rey Juan Carlos. Her hobbies include photography, traveling and writing.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of coming with children that’s great! No doubt you have chosen the best State to travel with them.