We are going to take advantage of the month of November to tell you about the places where Sweet November was filmed, starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves.

Personally I do not have this movie on my top list, but it reflects perfectly the life in San Francisco.

A curiosity is that it was filmed entirely here, both exteriors and interiors, so it allows to see numerous places from the city and gives an idea of ​​the weather and life in the city.

The movie begins with a beautiful perspective of the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island. This bridge connects Oakland with San Francisco.


Other landmarks that appear are Crissy Field with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background


Columbus Avenue and a view of the Transamerica Pyramid from Stockton Street.

The financial district (Market St & Sutter St)



We move to the neighborhood of Potrero Hill to visit the house of the main character, Sara Deever.


Exterior images of the house extracted from the movie

Imágenes película Noviembre Dulce.


A Victorian house with beautiful views of the city. Although as we said the film was shot entirely in San Francisco, the interiors were not real, there was a set built for the film.

Noviembre Dulce, cortesía Warner Bros.

Sara’s apartment was completely built from scratch in an empty aircraft hangar, building n. ° 180, on Treasure Island. In addition, the window’s views are false, as it was created with a translight: basically a huge panoramic photograph taken from the real location windows in March 2000.

Also scenes were shot in the houses on the opposite sidewalk where Abner supposedly lived, the child without a father figure.


Nelson’s apartment is located at 151 Alice B. Toklas Place, The Marquee Lofts near Van Ness and O’Farrell Street


His childhood home was filmed in the south of San Francisco, in Daly City. Exactly at 166 Santa Cruz Avenue with Guadalupe St.



















There are two beaches that appear in the movie,

the first as we have already mentioned is Crissy Field

The second one is Ocean Beach, close to Taraval St.

The dinner that takes place on Sara’s terrace was filmed on the roof of Bloom’s Saloon on 18th Street.



The scenes from the cafeteria were shot right in front of Farley’s Café, 1315 18th St & Missouri St.


Other locations where scenes were filmed were: St Luke’s Hospital on Cesar Chavez St & Valencia St, and Sanchez Elementary School on Sanchez St & 18th.

The tram scenes were taken on Taraval St &28th, and the interiors at the height of 46th Street.

Finally, we will talk about the final scene shot in Dolores Park. Exactly on the bridge above the tracks at the corner of the 19th &Church St.


That greenhouse that is seen at the bottom of the third image, top right, is actually only half of one, built only for the film and covered the statue that is in that same place.

Happy December to everybody!


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