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Today we will analyze the tv show home from late 80s Full House. A serie that lasted 8 years and which could see widower Danny Tanner’s daughters grow.


At the header we could see famous landmarks of the city like the Golden Gate Bridge, the skyline of the city, Alamo Square, the cable car and, of course, the Painted Ladies.

Although in the series it seemed that the family lived in Alamo Square (concretely in one of the famous colorful houses that appeared behind them when they took a picnic at the head of the series), in reality the house that was used as outdoor in the series is placed in Broderick Street, about 12 blocks from Alamo Square.

The shots set for the opening credits were recorded on the same day in San Francisco. After that, the only time that was filmed outdoors, was in a last season episode when Michelle comes out, alone, walking with Comet (the dog) and away from it.


Now let’s focus on Tanner’s house

Foto de hookedonhouses.net


In this aerial view of the street you can see that these are Victorian houses, and not a Painted Lady , which are located in other part of the city.

In the series they say the address is 1882 Girard Street. I searched on Google maps, but I could not find this address, so I figured it was a false address. ( Maybe to avoid crowds of fans?)

Also in one of the chapters con can see the number of the house and… surprise!

Do you remember how was the outside?



I do not know what you’re thinking but I’d love to live in a house like this …

Seeing the neighboring houses can you imagine what was on the other side of the street?

An apartments building!

Street view.Google maps

Street view.Google maps

The interiors of the house were created at Warner Bros. in Burbank studio.



The interior of the house looks larger on TV than it seems from the outside. In the final episode they make a joke about this through Michelle when she loses his memory and says, ” You all live here, hope that the inside is much bigger than it looks on the outside! “

Let’s take a look at the hall of the house on the pilot episode and the living room where most of the scenes in the series are developed




I love the library on the background! Have you noticed the cabinet there climbing stairs? Decorating plants are the typical who stood in the 90s and in the picture on the right , do you remember of the style stereo of 80-90? There you have an example.

 Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 14.06.09

The furniture is wooden craft and they paid a lot of attention on the details, giving the room a warm and familiar appearance.

Let’s see upstairs:

The corridor that you can see in the pilot episode


Baby Michelle’s bedroom


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 14.18.24


In the firsts episodes,  DJ y Stephanie are roomates

and later Stephanie y Michelle also share a bedroom

Image Source: Getty / ABC Photo Archives

Image Source: Getty / ABC Photo Archives

The room decoration is in the hands of the decorator who plays the mother of Danny ‘s girlfriend, predominating pastel shades, new wardrobe, table, quilts …

While DJ gets her own space in the next bedroom

Season 8 Episode 7

The kitchen is also stage many times

The main bathroom

The main bathroom changes from season 2 to 5. At first has a tiled floor, green walls tiles and a sink in the same wall as the tub



However, in season 5, it has carpeting, pink tiles and the sink has been moved to a different wall

Season 7 Episode 24

Let’s see the backyard

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.18.21

Season 7 Episode 3


In June 2013 Bob Saget (Danny Tanner on the series) visited the house where they were filmed the exteriors of the series for 8 years and he took this photo

Two years later, John Stamos was the one who decided visiting the house, and this time it was more fun. Those fans who were at that time photographing the home were unaware of who was taking pictures there. John Stamos published this picture on his Instagram saying: These young people have no idea what they are missing 🙂

Searching on fan pages, I finally got the exact address, which is 1970 Broderick Street! Now you can visit it if you come to San Francisco and you are a superfan of the sitcom.

I already have my photo, unfortunately neither John nor Bob were there. Maybe next time!


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